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Established in 1925 - United Country has been recognized as an innovator in the real estate industry for over 90 years. We are proud to be recognized as America’s largest fully integrated real estate and auction company specializing in lifestyle real estate, land and commercial properties, with over 500 offices, over 5000 licensed associates, and a network that exceeds 3500 owned and top-ranked websites generating 3 Million visitors per month, more visitors per agent than any other real estate company, and buyers from 30 countries. Our system currently has over 750,000 opt-in buyer leads from prospective purchasers.

By providing multiple distinct “special property groups” we are the only real estate company to create searchable webpages for each of our properties targeting specific niche markets and lifestyle real estate. Through the formation and organization of 35 core market segments (each with their own specific web design) we shape the uniqueness of our client’s property.

Our website listings appear on the first page of Google searches and can be found on hundreds of universal and specialty sites. In addition, each listing will also have its own website discoverable by Google. We offer a specialized marketing approach when selling your real estate or locating a property which has earned our company a top 1% Global Real Estate Franchise Ranking in the Franchise Business Review. We market to a local, regional, national and worldwide audience.

The team here at United Country – Standard Real Estate and Auction also owns and operates additional United Country offices for “Hunting Country Real Estate” from our Midwestern Headquarters where we specialize in selling Recreational and Agricultural LAND, Privately and at Public Auction. Our relationships from the southeast are directly responsible for our success in the Midwest. A large portion of our land sales in Oklahoma and Kansas over the past 15 years have been to buyers from Florida. We are proud to be members of the REALTREE UNITED COUNTRY Hunting Properties Group with the most extensive selection of hunting properties for sale and the largest network of Hunting Property Experts.

Our team of educated professionals include Expert Realtors, Licensed Brokers & Associates, Recreational & Agricultural Land Specialists, Commercial Property Specialists, Champion Auctioneers, Business Investment Advisors, Advertising Consultants, Technology Specialists, Professional Image-videography & Mapping, Graphics Designers, Realtree LandPros, Oil & Gas Mineral Experts, and a vast collection of Strategic Partners specifically chosen to create competitive advantages for our company and our clients. Our theory of business focuses on RELATIONSHIPS to a greater degree than it does to profitability. We welcome the opportunity to compete for your business.